Hello Cyber Friends!

I’m new to the blogging world, so I’ll just take this moment to give a shout out to all of you wonderful people out there!

It’s a new year, filled with the promises of new beginnings, fresh breaks, clean starts, and all of those shiny new years resolutions. Normally people resolve to lose weight, eat healthier, try for that next promotion, learn a new language, read more, etcetera, etcetera…

What’s my resolution? To expand creatively.

This goal is multi-faceted.

  1. Post! I adore crafting and have loads of pictures of past projects I would love to show off. I’ve helped plan a Harry Potter baby shower, thrown a Halloween themed wedding, created a few comic and literary inspired Christmas gifts, and crafted some deliciously devious culinary works. The plan is to post in depth, illustrated “how to” guides for each of these projects, at least one per month (but hopefully more) throughout the remainder of the year.
  2. Get inspired for new crafting ideas! After surviving the whirlwind of wedding planning, my crafting muse is running on empty. I’d greatly appreciate any crazy new ideas anyone could throw my way. Plus, I’m looking to open my Etsy shop by this fall and am open for commissions!
  3. Get some of my work published! Currently, I have one full length, urban fantasy novel in the hands of beta readers. My goal, once I have this draft back from my readers, will be to complete the next edit and begin the process of writing a query in March or April to eventually find an agent interested in the story I have to tell (crossing my fingers!). P.S. If you’re interested in beta reading the next draft, give me a holler!
  4. Write more! I do not only want to write one novel, but a whole series! I couldn’t wait to keep writing once book #1 was in the hands of my betas, so I’ve created a general plot for three additional books, with more to come. Book #2 is about a third of the way written. The goal is to have a completed draft ready to edit by May. I’ll try to give regular progress updates (mostly to keep myself accountable!)
  5. Draw! I’ve drawn all my life, but never had any formal instruction. After devouring comic books and attending multiple comic conventions with my husband, I want to create art I’m proud to display. The hope is to create a Deviant art page and have artwork posted by July of this year.
  6. Take time to grow and read! My lovely husband and sister-in-law bought me LOADS of books for Christmas that I can’t wait to read. This year I want to discover new authors, new themes, new worlds, and expand my horizons.

Over the next year, I hope to blow this blog up with examples of my creative enterprises.¬† I’m a full-time adult, with a full-time-plus career (completely non-creative), and am hoping to start a family, so it may be a bit of a struggle at times. Please, please, please! Keep me accountable, feed my muse, give me updates of your own progress in your endeavors!

I will take this time to make a promise to myself and all of you to make the best of 2016!


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