Writing Update: Snatched

With my first novel, Hidden, stuck in the clutches of beta readers, I had been itching to move on to another writing project. My husband and I got married the end of October (Yay! Halloween wedding!), so I didn’t have wedding planning eating up my free time anymore. Once we were back from our honeymoon, I decided to give NaNoWriMo a shot once again, but I wasn’t exactly sure what to write next. I have lists of story ideas scattered on my pegboard and around my computer, but I was hung up on the characters I had left behind at the end of Hidden. Instead of starting a new novel, I decided to continue where I had left off in the series.

lights out2
Lights Out- by yours truly

I was slightly more successful this time around (compared to my previous 15,000 words), though still didn’t reach my goal. By the end of November, I had completed 25,000 words plus had a 3,000 word planning document laying out general plot points and character traits. Considering that I had lost about half the month because of our honeymoon and general wedding recovery, it could have been worse.

I’m still working away slowly but surely at the story. I holidays were hectic, like you can typically expect, and I spent more time reading than writing.And it didn’t help that my husband bought me an entire box full of new books… So tempting…

But anyway… The next novel in my current series, tentatively titled Snatched, stands at 35,000 words with another 7,000 words of planning material, and is about 40% complete by my reckoning. I struggled a bit at first because this novel is written from the point of view of a different character than the first book, meaning I’ve had to adjust my writing voice somewhat. Overall it’s been an interesting endeavor. I look forward to finishing and beginning the search for beta readers!




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