Writing Update: Snatched

So, I’ve been pretty busy writing since my last update.

Mostly because I’ve had some uninterrupted free time… My husband has always enjoyed doodling and sketching, but has become even more interested lately in expanding his skills as an artist. Mainly he’s been practicing figure sketching (learning to draw the human head, noses, etc…) and we recently bought him a Wacom Intuos (a sketch pad connected to the computer) so he can practice digital art. If you’re interested in checking out any of his work, you can find him under bantheman on Deviant Art.


But anyways, getting back on my train of thought, I’ve had a lot of time the last week or so to write while he’s been drawing and working on his computer. I’m happy to say that Snatched is about half written, standing at 47,000 words as of today!

I had really been struggling to write over the last month or so, but this past week was a great chance to sit down and really focus on where I want the story to go. I spent quite a bit of time updating my planning document, roughing out some upcoming scenes, and doing some research to expand on my novel’s world. I also got to a scene in the story that I’ve been looking forward to writing for a very long time, so that part just flew past.

Now, I was talking with my sister-in-law recently about writing styles.

She considers herself to be a vomit writer and tends to skip around, writing part of one chapter and then moving onto another when she feels like it. I’ve found I can’t write like that. When I was working on my first attempted novel, I tried writing scenes as they came to me, skipping around throughout the story. It worked great at first. I was able to mash out large word counts and some really cool scenes. The problem I ran into later was what to do after I had finished those scenes… Writing the transition parts was boring, so I ended up setting down my project for weeks at a time to avoid writing.

To say the least, I’ve gotten away from that style of writing. Lately I’ve been working my way through my latest story systematically, working from the beginning to end in proper chronological sequence. Granted, when a cool idea hits me, I’ll take some time to sketch out the scene in my planning document, but I wait until I actually hit that scene before I start fleshing everything out. This way, even if I’m bored with the section I’m currently writing, I have something to look forward to! So I keep plowing ahead…

Just curious… What kind of styles do other writers out there use? Am I crazy writing the way I do? Do you know of easier ways that have worked for you?


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