A Messy Desk…

I consider myself to be a bit of a type A personality… I write detailed notes, I’m very orderly, I get things done. That being said, just glimpsing my project desk at home would not necessarily support that conclusion.

Glancing at my old school wooden drafting desk, it’s a mess of art supplies, scattered on the desk itself and hanging haphazardly from the wall. There’s piles of paper stacked in no particular order and a peg board fluttering with crumpled scribbles on scraps of paper. There’s also a stack of books I’ve read recently which I’ve been meaning to write book reviews for.

This is my desk space…


Even though it’s chaos, it gets the job done… for the most part. I love having a space that I can leave ideas or drawings, store odds and ends for projects, and stash my computer and books (when they’re not in their bookshelf homes).

The only bad part is that I currently cannot actually use it as a desk. There’s no room to work! I’ve been getting in the habit of taking my computer and notes to sit by the fireplace or in my cozy book nook since I have no place to spread out my notes. I think I need some shelves….

Does anyone else have this problem?

One thought on “A Messy Desk…

  1. Strangely I find your desk really inspiring! Haha my mum always says a tidy room reflects a tidy mind. I currently don’t have a desk and all my art supplies books notebooks stationary everything are always scattered on my bed or on the floor. I try and be organised but I like to do too many things at once! My husband says he’ll buy a desk but at the moment we would have to share it and he says there’s a strict rule that we have to keep it tidy haha he has a point though, because I work better in a clean environment and desk too.


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