Travel Update: London

Wow, so I have to apologize.

My husband and I just got back from our belated honeymoon to the United Kingdom, so to say the least, reading and responding to posts was not my biggest priority for the last week! We had a ton of fun and I figured I’d share some of our stories and pictures from the trip here on my blog.

London Bridge
Thames River

We started in London, which I have to say is a beautiful city! The history was just absolutely amazing. Walking down the road from our hotel, you could see the Thames, Big Ben, Westminster… it was incredible. We spent the majority of the time wandering around town taking in the sites and just enjoying ourselves.


There were several things that surprised me about the city. First off, it was much cleaner than I would have expected from my experiences with other large cities. The streets were trash free in the areas we visited and, despite the age of most of the buildings, everything was in good repair. Public transportation was also efficient, safe, and well cared for- the trains ran smoother than any railway I’ve been on before. The people of London really seem to take pride in their city and all of the history residing there.

And the people of London are unique in themselves. Everyone were encountered (not to stereotype, but just from our experiences) was amazingly reserved and polite, something you don’t always see in metropolitan areas. At one point my husband and I got turned around along some side streets and were trying to figure out directions on our GPS. Noticing our predicament, a gentleman walked right up to us and started offering assistance and directions, without us even asking for help! Another random strange observation- you don’t see people wearing a lot of color in the city. Almost everyone in the streets was in black, grey, or some other neutral tones. Strange…


Preparing for this trip, I had read a lot of travel diaries and comments on the internet about what to expect in London. I noticed one very common complaint other Americans had was the food. Personally I thought our food was great, though I have to admit it was a bit different. I had never had beans and tomatoes with breakfast before, but it’s not bad. The bacon is cut different and sausages aren’t the same. I ordered a sandwich with salmon on it and the salmon was pickled, not actually cooked (luckily I love sushi, so the texture didn’t bother me). Also, you have to make sure when ordering water to specify whether you want tap water, mineral water, or sparkling water- something I’ve never even thought of before. But altogether, we tried some great meat pies, tasty pizza,Β  filling pub sandwiches, and of course fish and chips. Yum!


And of since my husband and I are bibliophiles, we had to hunt down some major book shops and literary landmarks while we were in the UK. Foyle’s has an impressive multistory store with a cafe and art gallery on the top floor. Hatchard’s was also a cool old shop with shelves upon shelves of amazing authors. We stocked up on novels by a few British authors πŸ™‚ And the literary landmarks were the best part! In my next travel update, I’ll post some highlights from our explorations!


Any questions about our vacation? Comments? Message me and let’s chat about it πŸ™‚

Happy traveling!



2 thoughts on “Travel Update: London

    1. It’s a bookstore called Hatchard’s. We spent a large portion of our vacation looking at books, browsing through looking for new authors and sampling novels. It was wonderful πŸ™‚


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