Art Update: Character Design

hidden_character_study2_by_magechild-d9rihvbWhen I’d been in the middle of editing the first draft of my novel, I hit sort of a rut. I was sick of pouring over words, correcting errors and rehashing scenes I’d looked over a million times before. I needed a break from writing, so I decided to take a bit of an artistic look at my characters. This break turned into a rough character study. This is by no means an all-inclusive view, but it gives a glimpse of a few of the characters that will show up throughout the series.





Disclaimer: I am by no means good at figure drawing. These are only ideas of character design and may morph a bit as I write more, but I like how they turned out overall. As a note, part of the first novel takes place during a Halloween party (thus the wings, etc…). A fun experiment overall!

What do you think?


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