Travel Update: Glasgow, Scotland

On our recent trip to the UK, my husband and I took a day trip to Glasgow, Scotland.We’d already been exploring London for several days and were a bit worn out, but we were still excited to see more of the island. Originally when we first made our honeymoon plans, we had discussed seeing more of Europe, possibly going to France or Germany. Sadly we had only one week for traveling, so taking a trip up to Scotland seemed like a nice choice considering our time frame.


We started the morning ridiculously early, up at 5AM to make our way to Euston Station (a challenge when we were already operating in a time zone 6 hours ahead of our norm.) Despite being walking zombies, our train ride began with a picturesque train ride through the English countryside. It was cold and foggy, leaving the trees covered with hoarfrost (when we could make out anything through the mist). The English countryside is beautiful, but looks a lot like the American Midwest, only with fewer cows and more sheep.


Upon our arrival at the train station, we were greeted by wonderful architecture, great steel beams supporting a wide translucent span of roof. There was even a lovely old style wooden bar smack dab in the middle of the bustling station.


First impressions of Glasgow? It was loud, dirty… and amazing. We felt more at home in Glasgow than we had at any point while we were in London. The people in the city were wonderfully friendly, and more boisterous, though we did have a few issues understanding some of the shop owners with super thick Scottish accents.


One of the first things you notice in Glasgow is the amount of street art. My husband and I are both amateur artists/ photographers/ dreamers, so we were in heaven. Walking along the busy sidewalks, it was difficult to miss the statues, amazing architectural structures, and full-building paintings.


The highlight of our trip was a visit to the Necropolis. For anyone who doesn’t know, the Necropolis is essentially a giant cemetery covering the largest hilltop in Glasgow. Pedestrian paths meander their way up the hillside, surrounded on all sides by crumbling head stones, mausoleums, and climbing ivy. It was a bit of a joke, telling people about the Necropolis once we returned home. Of course the couple who celebrated their wedding on Halloween would love spending their honeymoon in a graveyard! Yes, my husband and I are a bit strange, but the Necropolis was really amazing. The photo opportunities were epic, with all of Glasgow laid out at your feet. Plus the old overgrown stonework was beautiful in itself. Despite the fact that our escapade ended with a long uphill hike back to our hotel in a rain of cold sleet, our visit to this amazing landmark was the highlight of our trip.


And I can’t help but give a shout out to my favorite restaurant from our visit. After all of the walking the previous day during our visit to the Necropolis, we were ready to just sit and relax a bit. I also wanted to take some time to catch up on writing, maybe even read for a bit! Especially considering the nice book haul we had discovered earlier during our trip… But that’s a story for another blog entry. Anyways, back to the food. We wanted a place close to our hotel, so we pretty much just Googled area eateries. Where the Monkey Sleeps popped up as a highly rated little cafe. With the good reviews and cheeky name, we had to check it out. Now, finding the place was a little bit more difficult than we had expected. The place is actually located underground, the basement level of a converted apartment. The cafe sprawls through multiple rooms, filled with comfy broken down couches, shelves of books, artwork covered walls, and blasting rock music. We hung out there for several hours sipping ridiculously rich coffee and eating a hearty breakfast.


Glasgow, hope to see you again!


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