Art Update: Sota Deer

Since we got back from our trip to London, I haven’t had a whole lot of time for drawing, reading, or writing (specially since we’ll be leaving again to New York soon). A bit of a creative bummer, though I am excited about all the traveling. In the time I have had, I was able to go through and update some stuff on my deviant art page, which you can visit here.

Several months ago, I was reading through a draft of my sister-in-law‘s novel, based on a post-apocalyptic society plagued with mutations from radiation. In the novel, many people are dead, but the few survivors developed mutations that allowed them to cope in their new reality. The animals have also adapted to survive.

She asked me and my husband if we’d be willing to draw our interpretations of some of the creatures she describes in one section.

This was my sketch…


Apparently my interpretation, wasn’t exactly what she had in mind but we still thought it was pretty cool 🙂

Melanie is currently looking for an agent to represent her novel. If anyone knows of agents interested in post-apocalyptic dark YA, please let her know!


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