Travel Update: New York Skyline

Back home again after another trek across the country! Our church youth group just got back from a mission trip to New York, which I have to say was amazing. We worked with some wonderful organizations including Broadway Presbyterian Church, the McKinley Children’s Garden in Queens, and “Don’t Walk By” which is part of New York City Relief. The dedicated members of all of these organizations were an inspiration to all of us as we watched how they connected with the homeless, hungry, and disadvantaged in the city.


While we were there, we took the opportunity to go sightseeing in our bits of free time. I have to say, New York has one of the most amazing skylines I have ever seen. I’ve been in the city a few times before, but that view never ceases to amaze. Please excuse the hair in some of the pictures, it was pretty windy while we were there, though the weather was gorgeous otherwise.


The Brooklyn Bridge offered some pretty amazing views of the city, and made for a great walk.


But I have to say, some of our best views came from within Central Park. The park itself was gorgeous, trees just beginning to bud out and blossom, grass green, and lights glowing. It was like walking into a dream, surrounded by all of the mystery and magic of this city of lights. Spectacular.



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