Writing Update: Snatched


Ugh… Why does life have to get in the way of writing? I was gone traveling out of state for more than two weeks over the last month and a half, meaning I spent most of my time back home attempting to get caught up on life. Work has been insanely busy and we’ve been trying to stay in touch with my sister-in-law who’s gone to Japan and Korea for three months (communicating across 14 hours of time zones is difficult). I’ll stop ranting here, though the list of craziness goes on.

To say the least, my novels have been put on the back burner. Since my last update, I’ve only added about 5,000 words to my story, bringing my total word count for Snatched to 65,000. Though, I was able to add another 1,000 words to my planning document and flesh out the ending to the book!

Actually, I think that might be part of the problem. Now that I know how the story ends, I’ve lost motivation to continue writing for the moment. I’m sure once life settles down I’ll find my muse again, but for now I’m being lazy.

Does anyone else have this issue?


3 thoughts on “Writing Update: Snatched

  1. I have had 120,000 word novels that I never finished two chapters before the finish line. It happens. You already know how it ends, so why bother?

    Recently, I find the endings the most exciting parts of my stories though, so that helps me get through them. I tend to have a very straight incline of tension in my work, so by the time I’m near the end, I’m at the parts I’ve been waiting MONTHS to write. Music is a big inspiration for this, so maybe listening to some epic music will help you too!


    1. I’m used to writing in silence or with only random background white noise, so maybe music would be a good change. Though, I am easily distracted and like to dance 🙂


      1. Oh I definitely don’t listen while writing – too distracting. But I find that letting my mind wander while listening to music in the car, etc, helps me get a better vision of the more climactic parts of the story.


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