Travel Update: Central Park, New York

I’m a small town girl at heart; having grown up in a city with more cows than people, you tend to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature. I still like traveling to larger cities, with the amazing lights, the city alive at all hours or the day and night, the amazing culture and diversity… but I have to have some green space.


Central Park has to be one of my favorite places in New York, a little piece of nature to escape the bustle of the city and gain a little peace and perspective. I’ve been to the park on previous visits, yet I somehow failed to discover on past trips that there is a castle hidden among the trees, playgrounds, and waterways.


Another cool feature hidden in the park is the Alice in Wonderland Statue. Alice is a gorgeous piece of bronze artwork, made distinctly to be climbed on by little hands and feet.


The detail on each figure is extraordinary, from the rabbit’s pocket watch, to the Cheshire Cat’s furry grin. The blooming cherry blossoms in the park added an extra special air of magic and whimsy to the display.

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