Hello Cyber Friends: Update!

Hello to everyone in the digital world. It’s been about four months since I started this blog and there’s been a lot going on. Real life is treating me well, busy at work and traveling a lot (Michigan, Great Britain, Scotland, New York, meandering around Wisconsin as well). My creative life has been pushed to the back burner quite a bit, but I’ve still accomplished a substantial repertoire of projects in between the chaos.

My husband and I in New York!

When I first started this blog, one of my priorities was to become less haphazard in my creative projects and have some accountability. I glanced back at my first post, taking a page out of Michelle’s book at Aetherhouse, and decided to take stock of my current steps towards my resolution and goals made at the beginning of the year.

So what was my resolution? To expand creatively. How was I planning to do this? Well, lets take a look at those goals!

  • Post blog entries! The plan is to post in depth, illustrated “how to” guides for each of my craft projects, at least one per month throughout the year.

20150731_083629Well… I kind of missed the mark on this one, only posting two DIY guides since publishing my blog (though I do have another guide set to post soon). I have tons of ideas for DIY guides, but didn’t really get a lot of responses on these posts, so they got pushed off to the side. My husband and I recently constructed a raised garden bed for our house and I’m learning how to reupholster furniture, so I should have some crafty posts for the near future!

  • Get inspired for new crafting ideas! Plus, I’m looking to open my Etsy shop by this fall and am open for commissions!

I’m not doing too bad with this goal. As mentioned above, I have a few new projects keeping me busy 🙂 An Etsy shop is still in the far future, considering most of my crafting has been items for our house. Hopefully by this fall I may be working on more masks, jewelry, and other saleable items to make an Etsy shop worthwhile.

  • Get some of my work published! I want to complete the next edit and begin the process of writing a query in March or April to eventually find an agent interested in the story I have to tell.

Ugh! Stagnation. The rough draft of my first novel isn’t even on the back burner, it’s been shoved off the stove… I have received editing suggestions from family and friends, but my husband is still in the midst of his edits. He’s been busy prepping for an exam for his adult career, so my manuscript lies forgotten on our bedside table. Luckily his exam is done now, so I’m hoping he’ll be done perusing within the next month or two. I’m hoping to complete my next edit in August to attempt querying in September.

  • Write more! I do not only want to write one novel, but a whole series! The goal is to have a completed draft of manuscript #2 ready to edit by May.

Well… dang… I was actually on track and planning to have a completed document ready for editing by the end of April, but I’ve lost my urge to write over the last month. I have about 65,000 words so I’m close to the end. If I really push, I might still have a chance to meet the May deadline.

  • Draw! The hope is to create a Deviant art page and have artwork posted by July of this year.

20160203_205425Bam! This is the one goal I’ve blown out of the water. I haven’t been drawing as much as I would have liked, but definitely more than I had been over the last year. I even started an art journal that’s slowly filling up with sketches. Also, I started a Deviant art page about three months ago (Take that July deadline!) and have almost 40 entries. Take a look here!

  • Take time to grow and read! This year I want to discover new authors, new themes, new worlds, and expand my horizons.

Another goal that I’ve pretty much blown out of the water 🙂 Between audio books for my work commute and my free time reading, I’m averaging about one book a week. I’ve managed to post a book review every Friday since starting my blog, so I’m pretty pumped about that! I’ve also been trying to expand my literary appetite, finding those classics I’ve always wanted to read (Catch 22, Animal Farm…), reading books outside of my normal genres (Gone Girl, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight), and discovering new favorite authors from around the world (<B Benedict Jacka!).


Overall a pretty good start to 2016 and still a lot of year left to enjoy!



One thought on “Hello Cyber Friends: Update!

  1. “The rough draft of my first novel isn’t even on the back burner, it’s been shoved off the stove” This made me giggle. I feel similarly about my own, but darn it, I’m 95% of the way there! No use stopping just before the finish line.

    You have a very diverse set of skills as well. Crafting, drawing, writing, and starting your Etsy store? I see how we speak to one another’s visions, heh. Good luck with your store start-up, and I hope you get some of those crafting how-to guides together. I come from a family of crafters and that Monster Book of Monsters you made is adorable!

    Glad to see that I’ve inspired you in some way!

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