Book Review: Night Owls by Lauren M. Roy

I will admit, I read this book quite a while ago so I don’t remember a lot of the little details, but I still wanted to post a little something about it. The last time my husband and I made it to C2E2 in Chicago (an amazing comic/art/book/gaming expo), we received a free copy of Night Owls as a part of a pre-release push.

18281997The Background Bits:

Night Owls book store is the one spot on campus open late enough to help out even the most practiced slacker. The employees’ penchant for fighting the evil creatures of the night is just a perk…

Valerie McTeague’s business model is simple: provide the students of Edgewood College with a late-night study haven and stay as far away from the underworld conflicts of her vampire brethren as possible. She’s lived that life, and the price she paid was far too high to ever want to return.

Elly Garrett hasn’t known any life except that of fighting the supernatural werewolf-like beings known as Creeps or Jackals. But she always had her mentor and foster father by her side—until he gave his life protecting a book that the Creeps desperately want to get their hands on.

When the book gets stashed at Night Owls for safe keeping, those Val holds nearest and dearest are put in mortal peril. Now Val and Elly will have to team up, along with a mismatched crew of humans, vampires, and lesbian succubi, to stop the Jackals from getting their claws on the book and unleashing unnamed horrors…

My Thoughts?

As  I mentioned above, this was a book I finished a while ago but I just couldn’t help but write a blog review to share it with the world. I loved it! I’m always on the lookout for new urban fantasy authors to follow, and Roy’s world in Night Owls is worth following. A large part of me wishes a place like her late night book store existed in my town, minus all of the evil creepy critters, of course.

Roy uses a believable writing style that is slightly graphic spattered with some strong language and overt sexuality. Despite the grisliness, the characters are unique and fun including a friendly neighborhood vampire bookshop owner, lesbian succubi (who happen to be very polite, yet lethal), and some crazy werewolf-like creatures called Jackals who also happen to have personality. The character interactions were often humorous despite their dangerous situations and showed a deep sense of caring and friendship. You also have to appreciate Roy’s talent for creating dark, grisly settings that leave the reader feeling uneasy and also choreographing some colorfully epic fight scenes.

I give this book five our of five stars and would recommend it for any urban fantasy lover looking for a fun new author!

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