Update: My Messier Desk


There’s something to be said about surrounding yourself with things that inspire you.

Looking at my desk, which happens to be even messier than normal, it’s easy to guess at the artifacts that may speak to my muse. There’s the sketch pad peaking out from beneath my list of projects, copies of manuscripts waiting to be edited, a pile of gorgeously illustrated comic books, my midget laptop waiting just waiting for to be booted up… And most obviously, loads of books!

Besides our regular travel purchases, I recently decided to raid my sister-in-law’s collection of books. Considering that they were just chilling in our basement (where she abandoned them when she left for Japan), all cold and lonely, I figured they might need a friend 🙂 Thanks Mel!

And I wonder why I can’t get anything done…


2 thoughts on “Update: My Messier Desk

    1. Haha! It helps when the majority of it is covered in amazing books and comics. I kind of have things sorted- books to read, books to write reviews on, writing notes… The piles tend to congeal a bit though with time.


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