Art Update: More Doodles

My husband and I had the opportunity to attend the spectacularly beautiful wedding of my college roommate a few weeks ago. There’s always time in between the ceremony and dinner, so I brought my sketch journal along to kill time.

On the way to the wedding, there were some interesting wispy cloud formations, blown by the wind to look like the wings and fur of some mythical flying beast. So that was my inspiration for this fierce little figure 🙂


He’s pretty rough, seeing I only had a little more than an hour of sketch time between wedding festivities, and I’m not sure exactly how to finish him. Part of me wants to go the traditional route and add in shadowing and details in graphite, maybe add some accent details in colored pencil. Another piece of me wants to try inking him and potentially scan into the computer to finish digitally (if I can kick my husband off his computer long enough to use Photoshop).

For my fellow bloggers out there, what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear your opinions and/or advice!


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