Fifty Posts! And a little DIY…

Since I began my blog in February, I’ve been working away at it pretty diligently to write up regular posts, at least two each week. And I’ve finally reached a pretty awesome milestone- fifty posts! In order to celebrate, I figured I’d post a few interesting tidbits about myself 🙂

If you follow my posts, you have probably already realized that I have several hobbies. I love to draw, craft, write, and read. What I might not have mentioned is that I also love music. I started playing piano as a young child and later picked up the trumpet to play in a jazz band and pep band. Even though I don’t spend much time with instruments lately, I still sing regularly in my church choir.

Besides my artsy hobbies and music, physical activity is pretty important to me. I’ve never been one for team sports, but I weight lift and enjoy running. I’ve done a couple quarter marathons and ran Tough Mudder twice, an eleven to thirteen mile obstacle course for those who have never heard of it. I also took judo and jujistu lessons until I injured my knee three years ago.


And lastly… I love making costumes! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I’ve always used All Hallows Eve as an excuse to dress up, mostly like super villains…

Poison Ivy 2009
“Poison Ivy” Halloween 2009

Usually when I’ve made my costumes, I start with thrift store finds, dresses, skirts, and shirts that can be cut or layered to fit my costuming needs. My first time dressing up for a college Halloween party was as Poison Ivy. This involved dying my hair red with wash out dye (which apparently doesn’t wash out of blonde hair very well) and gluing clay leaves to my face with spirit gum.

Halloween 2010 Mystique
“Mystique” Halloween 2010

The next Halloween, I dressed up as Mystique from X-Men. For this costume, I altered a thrift store dress using a few pins to improve the fit. I made a skull belt using a strip of black fabric and Crayola Model Magic clay to make the skulls. My hair was sprayed red with brush out color (I learned from the previous year) and the blue “skin” was a fitted long sleeved t-shirt and tights with a TON of blue face paint.  The paint was actually a bit gross and started flaking off partway through the night. Oops… I spray painted a pair of thrifted boots to complete the costume.

“Harley Quin” Wizard World 2014

Two years ago, I officially cosplayed for the first time when my husband and I went to Wizard World in Chicago. Of course as another super villian- Harley Quin this time. My costume was pretty easy to throw together, sewing arm cuffs from scraps of fabric and cutting up old belts to make the extra buckles for my costume. I used a cheap corset, bought at a Halloween store, and sprayed the ends of my hair red and black. Overall it was a blast!

Well, that’s a little about me… Hopefully didn’t scare anyone away with all my uber geekiness. Here’s looking forward to the next 50 posts!



7 thoughts on “Fifty Posts! And a little DIY…

  1. Look at you! That Harley Quinn costume looks awesome. I tried being Gamora once but I didn’t really have enough time to finish the costume so it was a bit of a mess.

    I’ve always wanted to get more into Cosplay, but there’s not enough time in the day. Still, you seem quite adept at being a well-rounded Renaissance woman!

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  2. Love that you have such a spread of hobbies. I’ve taken Jiu Jitsu and agree that it can be rough on the knees. Much respect for your Cosplay skills as well. That’s an area I always wanted to explore but haven’t made time for. Thanks for sharing!

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