DIY: Paper Flower Chair Hangers


A couple months ago, I posted a how-to guide showing step by step directions to construct paper flowers corsages. These larger paper flower decorations are constructed by the same techniques used for the corsage flowers. Click here to read that post.

What You’ll Need:

  • An old book you don’t mind destroying
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Sticks, long feathers, or whatever other accents you want to include in your decorations
  • Rolls of tulle in your chosen color(s)- I used the six inch wide rolls
  • Wire

20151004_172238 - Copy

What To Do:

Begin by making several larger paper flowers out of book pages. Check out my Paper Flower Corsage Tutorial if you need a refresher on flower construction . When starting, make a stem, about six inches long out of wire, and hot glue to the center petals as you form your flowers.

Once you have your flowers, measure out the length of tulle you’ll need to make your chair hangers. I used strips that were about two arm lengths long to create hangers to fit on the end of standard size church pews. I used three lengths of tulle braided together for each hanger, but feel free to use more tulle to make more intricate braids. Once your braid is long enough, form into a loop and knot at the base of the braid, leaving the free edges hanging.

20151004_172247 - Copy

Once you’ve constructed the hangers, it’s time to chose any additional decorations to add to your decor. You might chose to add some long feathers, extra ribbon, greenery… We had a Halloween themed wedding, so I just added some plain twigs to go along with the sparse, haunting theme.

20151004_172243 - Copy

To put it all together, arrange your sticks/feathers/etc…  and hot glue them together. The flower or flowers can then be attached to your sticks/feathers by wrapping the flower’s wire stem around them to secure everything together. Attach the tulle braid by tying the loose edges together in a bow just beneath the flower.

And you’re done! Try out the flower hanger on the edge of your chairs to ensure that they’re weighted correctly.  I had to adjust some of the sticks to ensure that the decorations would hang straight. Play around with the design and enjoy!

Happy DIYing!



One thought on “DIY: Paper Flower Chair Hangers

  1. Very beautiful. Some people get all het up about destroying books for crafts, but honestly, I don’t get the big deal. There are plenty of bargain paperbacks and used books that are great for this purpose!

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