Travel Update: Madison, WI

If you can’t tell by now, my husband and I love to travel, anywhere and everywhere, even in our own state. One of our favorite day trips would have to be to Madison, WI. Known mainly for University of Wisconsin Madison (along with the Badgers and the Big 10), being the capitol of Wisconsin, and for beer, people tend to forget that there’s a lot more to the area.

Well, I’ll start off with the capitol building. Wisconsin has one of the coolest looking state capitol buildings, with the snowy white globe and huge marble pillars. I’s especially cool when they light it up at night with seasonal colors 🙂 Majestic outside architecture isn’t the only thing to look out for. Take a look at my pictures below from inside and around the building.


There’s always tons of events in the city too. The farmers market is amazing, the largest producers only farmers market in the United States! The market runs every Saturday morning from April through November and is usually ridiculously crowded, but we were lucky to pick a day that wasn’t so bad. It’s the perfect place for local honey, maple syrup, colorful flowers, fresh fruits and veggies, smoked meat, and of course-cheese!


Not my picture, but a pretty awesome view of Bowser’s Castle


Besides the market, there’s tons of cute little shops along State Street, an amazing pedestrian only road, and throughout the rest of downtown. There’s lots of great restaurants like The Great Dane and The Old Fashion and of course lots of bars. If you walk all the way down to the end of State Street, you can see parts of campus. Check out Memorial Union to sit out by the lakeside terrace for live music or see the Red Gym, which students lovingly refer to as “Bowser’s Castle.” We also love checking out the couple of cute little second hand bookstores at the end of the street. And if you’re lucky enough, you might be there to see Concerts of the Square, presented by the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra on Wednesdays in June and July- pretty much an awesome excuse to drink wine and chill in front of the capitol.

Altogether Madison is a beautiful city with loads to do. If nothing else, take a chance to sit back and relax, enjoy the beauty of nature on the shores of Lake Monona or Lake Mendota, hike or bike some of the many trails, or build a campfire out at picnic point. There’s never a dull moment.


Happy Traveling!



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