Art Update: Mixed Media Experiments

Despite all our recent traveling, I’ve been trying to keep up with sketching and crafting to keep my creative muse happy. Usually I stick with fantasy pieces like dragon or monster sketches, creature masks, etc…

Mommy’s Little Monster- pen on sketch paper drawn in a car (in the dark) on our road trip to Michigan

To expand my artistic horizons, I’ve been playing around with some different mediums beyond regular pencil including Bic pen, artist’s pens, colored pencils… And I’m hopefully going to be trying watercolor again in the near future.

In further attempts to improve my drawing skills, I’m also experimenting with something I’ve never done before- using photo models. I used to avoid models like the plague, thinking that needing a model to draw figures was a sign poor skills. But professional artists use models all the time, so I’m retraining myself to drawn more realistic pieces. It’s been fun actually and I can already see drastic improvements in my style.

Self Portrait- Pencil, Ink, and Colored Pencil

Now on to perspective and figure drawing! If I’m lucky, I might even get a start on my next big undertaking this month- writing and illustrating a children’s book!

To see more art updates, check out my Deviant Art page here.



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