DIY: Geeky Cake Part 2!

I posted a DIY piece last month featuring a few of my previous confectionery works of art. My husband’s birthday came and went, so I figured it was about time to post this year’s cake.

We’re both super geeks, and after previous Batman and Magic themed cakes, I had to think of something good. What better idea than Star Wars! With the new movie release this year, I figured a storm trooper cake would be a great choice.


What You’ll Need:

  • Cake mix (or make it from scratch if you’re feeling so inclined)
  • Round cake pans (I used 9″ pans)
  • Knife or pizza cutter
  • Frosting
  • A couple bags of marshmallows
  • A bag or two of powdered sugar
  • Butter
  • Food coloring
  • Rolling pin
  • Chocolate chips and/or cocoa powder (for black or brown fondant)

What Next?

In my last DIY post, I discussed the steps for making fondant and cake assembly, so I’ll skip over that here.

When prepping this cake, you’ll need a lot of white fondant, some chocolate fondant, and a lot of cake. I used two boxes of cake mix to make four layers of 9″ cake rounds.

To assemble, stack the cake rounds with frosting in between to hold them together. Roll out one very large sheet of white fondant and drape over the entire cake, being careful to smooth down the sides evenly. Cut off the excess fondant and save it. We’ll use it later.

Next, roll out your black fondant into a thin sheet. I free handed the goggles for the storm trooper, but it was essentially one long thin strip with two triangular pieces for his eyes. Remember, once you have the piece cut, you can smooth the edges, round corners, etc… almost like clay. Attach the goggles with a little water.

Using the remainder of the white fondant, make two small square pieces and attach at the ends of his black goggle pieces (to look like hinges or bolts- see the picture above). Roll one long snake of white fondant and wrap around the entire bottom of the cake, ending on either side of his face. This cleans up the bottom cake edges and looks like the storm trooper breathing apparatus.

Finish decorating with pieces of black fondant. Add slits for his mouth, ears, etc… There’s different version of the storm trooper helmets, so look at some pictures and design your own unique version! If you’d like, take some black icing and write a special message to the birthday boy/girl (or groom if it’s a groom’s cake).


Happy Baking!




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