Art Improvement Challenge: Day 10

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up on my postings for this 30 day art challenge the last couple days. We traveled 2000 miles across the country this weekend, so drawing and posting blog updates were the last things on my mind.

That being said, I do have another assignment to post. Yay me! The assignment for day 10 of my art challenge was to draw a background with one point perspective, i.e. one of those drawings of the railroad tracks disappearing off into the horizon or a long hallway fading to a speck in the distance.

I wanted to be a bit more creative than the typical blank hallway, so I threw in a few fun characters to make things more interesting. I also attempted to color this one with my cheap colored pencils. Maybe not the best choice, but it was fun. Spending a night coloring Disney characters, watching Pokemon on Netflix, and drinking orange soda… You’d swear I was 9 again…

So, what do you think?



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