Wizard World 2016! Thursday and Friday

You can’t believe how excited I am to be here for all four days of Wizard World in Chicago! My husband and I have been twice before, but there are always plenty of new surprises and the trip is always a blast 🙂

We arrived Wednesday night, before the festivities really started, so we had some time to explore downtown Chicago and relax. Thursday, the doors opened at 3PM, but there were plenty of people lined up ahead of time waiting to burst through the doors.


There’s always tons to see: vendors, artists, cosplay… plus the panels are ridiculously informative, especially for someone looking to get into writing/art as a potential career like me. As an added perk, I talked my husband into donating blood with me (it was his first time!) and we got sweet t-shirts!


One of my all-time favorite parts of comic conventions is the opportunity to watch so many talented artists. There was an entire area set up for caricature sketchers/painters and they had a demonstration by Rob Prior, an ambidextrous painter. He was awesome to watch in action 🙂

Here’s a few more photo highlights from our first day at the convention!

And more pictures from Friday. Some of the cosplays were amazing and we got to see a special screening by the guys over at Screen Junkies- the newest Honest Trailer!




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