Wizard World Book Haul!

Life seems to have caught up with me lately (and steamrolled me…), but better late than never to post this 😉

On last month’s trip to Chicago for Wizard World, my husband and I escaped on a short morning excursion to hunt down new book stores to explore. We landed at Myopic Books, a crazy little used book shop where narrow, hand-made shelves cover any and every open space. There are floors and semi-floors, creaky M.C. Escher-like staircases leading to dead ends, and books everywhere the eye can see. It was impressive to say the least. Here’s a glimpse inside:

We managed to pick up a few excellent books (half-price!) before jaunting back to the convention center.

Back to the convention, one of the most awesome things about Wizard World is the amazing opportunity to find unique comics and books from the big guys as well as authors who might not fall into mainstream distribution. We have shelves and boxes filled with comics at home, so we tried to take it easy on our purchases, but there were a few gems we just couldn’t pass up.

Feast your eyes upon our haul!


Happy Reading!!!


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