Art Improvement Day 24 and Flash Fiction!

Day 24 of the Art Improvement Hell Challenge…. 24 days worth of art.

So far with this challenge I’ve created more artwork than I had in the whole last year. I’m not sure if I’m improving, but I’ve definitely been having a good time exploring new techniques, different mediums, and even different styles. Admittedly it’s taken me much longer than a single month, but I have a full time job and we travel a lot… so thanks for baring with me 🙂

Today’s challenge was to create lineless art… art without outlines. I’m working with colored pencils rather than paint or computer graphics, so it’s impossible to create art that’s truly lineless, but you get the picture. No guidelines, no thick black line to follow along, and only a few initial pencil guidelines to get the skeleton of the sketch proportional. Not too bad 🙂

Sleek umber and gold, he skirted through the tall grass, freezing in place when he caught sight of me. Fur bristled, tail flicking in annoyance, he watched me for a moment.

And with prancing hops he skipped away to lose himself among the golden autumn foliage.



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