Help! Beta Readers Needed!


I’m coming to the point in my writing where I’ve found the only way to turn my hobby into something more is to get my work out there. Family members and friends have read my novel and given me some great feedback, but they’re too nice. What my story needs now is feedback from a broader audience.

I Need Beta Readers!

I’m looking for a few readers interested in adult urban fantasy, people who can give me an honest review of what they think about my novel. (According to my husband, it’s Supernatural meets Indiana Jones)

I’d like to begin my next round of serious edits by mid-to-late October, so hopefully that’s not too much of a time crunch 🙂 My end-goal is to have a polished document ready in time for the next round of Pitch Madness on December 1st.

Hidden: The Blurb

Pareidolia- the phenomenon of seeing figures and faces in inanimate objects. For Alexander Wolff, a college professor with an overactive imagination and love of comics, seeing imaginary faces and figures is a normal part of life. When a mysterious sundress-clad woman appears on a cold October day and students begin disappearing from campus, Alex is forced to accept that the figures in the shadows may be more than a trick of the mind.

With the help of his unlucky class assistant, Jay, and a strange girl known only as Mage, Alex must uncover the monster responsible for the student abductions and save his college town, all while facing the reality of his broken relationship with environmentalist fiancé, Lynn. Even if Alex can overcome his own demons, does he stand a chance against those hidden in the shadows?

How do I Sign Up?

If you’re interested, please message me or enter your information into the field below. Thank you so much for everyone’s help and encouragement!!!


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