Art Improvement Day 30! Art Comparison

I’ve finally reached the final day of my Art Improvement Hell Challenge! Granted, the 30 day challenge took me closer to two and a half months… but who’s counting?

The last assignment for the challenge was to re-invent a piece of artwork created earlier in the year. Glancing back through my sketch pad, I found  a quick sketch of a lion statue I’d scribbled while sitting at a train station in Glasgow, Scotland. I hated the sketch afterward and sort of forgot about it. Figured that might be a good one to re-create and attempt to redeem myself a bit. (bottom picture)


So what do you think? I feel like my artwork has drastically improved over the last several months and I’m a little sad the challenge is over (despite the large time commitment).

Good news is I’ve finished just in time for Inktober, an online challenge where artists create and post inked drawings throughout the month of October. October also means the 13 Days of Halloween, so make sure to check back regularly for some creepy cool artwork along with some other spooky fun 🙂

Happy Drawing!


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