13 Days of Halloween- Part 1

Only 13 days until Halloween!

In celebration, my sister-in-law, husband, and I collaborated to present to you The 13 Days of Halloween. The story is an original fairy tale retelling by Melanie Bernard, images by Morgan and Ryan Bernard.

Little Red (Part 1)

She jolts awake with a gasp. Air grinds down her throat like gravel. She winces, her eyes pinching closed against the pain, but she has to breathe. Her inhale is labored, exhausted. Yet, easier than last time. The pain ebbs to a dull ache and she opens her eyes.

Artwork by Morgan Bernard

The walls encasing her in the tiny room are wooden. Beside the bed upon which she lay, there’s a small nightstand, a single dining chair, and a solid-looking desk. All made of wood. Yet, the light oak tints white in the splash of moonlight pouring in through the single, glass window.

Her shamrock green eyes drift to the door. No one stands in her way. She could easily leave, but… where is she? How’d she get here in the first place? Her mind reels with questions when the door swings inward, spilling candlelight across the floor.

“Yer awake,” the woman in the doorway sighs. Relief eases the tension from her wrinkled forehead and her tiny shoulders settle. “I was gettin’ worried.”




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