Book Review: Dancing on the Head of a Pin by Thomas E. Sniegoski

4497980Another Sniegoski book! Even though it wasn’t necessary my favorite book, the first novel was cheeky and fun- a perfect audio book to keep me entertained on my way to work 🙂 So after finishing the first installment of the Remy Chandler series, I decided to pick up the next one in line.

The Blurb

Still mourning the loss of his wife, fallen angel Remy Chandler has immersed himself in investigating dangerous supernatural cases. His latest: the theft of a cache of ancient weaponry stolen from a collector who deals in antiquities of a dark and dubious nature. The weapons, Remy knows, were forged eons ago and imbued with unimaginable power. And if they fall into the wrong hands, they could be used to destroy not only Heaven but also Earth.

My Thoughts?

Book number two didn’t disappoint, but wasn’t exactly spectacular either. Sniegoski’s story continues on where book one left off- with main character Remy Chandler struggling against his angelic nature and his human despair after losing the love of his life. The books lean toward the dark side, but this second novel was even more grim and graphic, throwing our characters directly into the bowels of hell. As a particular note, I would not recommend this book if you have trouble with reading about animal cruelty….

Remy Chandler makes for a somewhat dreary narrator. Still struggling with the raw emotions left from the death of his wife, Remy is a mopey and disgruntled hero. Regular flashbacks of his day-to-day existence during his wife’s life constantly remind the reader of the jarring change in his mental state, but these interludes tend to become pretty repetitive and tiresome. The author throws in several quips from Remy’s “talking” dog in an attempt at comic relief, but these lines often fall flat, more annoying and childish than funny.

On the other hand, Sniegoski’s imagery is excellent, painting a uniquely horrific picture of the underworld and it’s inhabitants. The “hellions” were a particular favorite of mine, the beastly skinless enforcers of the portal between the hell plane and Earth. The twist ending was also great. Can’t say that I didn’t see it coming, but it was a well written turn of events that will have interesting implications for future books in the series.

I’m not a huge fan of Sniegoski’s writing style, but the story line is entertaining enough for me to continue on with the series. Overall I give this novel 3 out of 3 stars. It’s a fun read if you’re looking for something on the darker side of detective fiction and can handle a little gore.


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