Travel: Downtown Louisville, Kentucky

Sometimes life takes some unfortunate turns.

This fall, my husband and I received the unwelcome news that a good friend was in a Kentucky hospital. So with very little notice, we embarked on the seven hour drive to go out and visit him. Despite the sad circumstances of the trip, our friend loved the city of Louisville and had plenty of recommendations for places to visit when we needed a break from the sterile hospital surroundings.

Louisville, Kentucky is great city with a lot of barbecue, horse racing, and spirit. We got the chance to experience a little bit of everything during our short trip.


The skyline isn’t as impressive as that of New York or Chicago, but it’s nothing to scoff at either. With the mixture off expansive glass and steel structures as well as old school brick, there was plenty too see during our wanderings.


The food was amazing as well. All of our local friends recommended Mama’s Barbecue for a good southern barbecue experience. With slow roasted pork and chicken, cheesy corn, and old-fashion mac n’ cheese, you can’t go wrong! For brunch, Wild Eggs was the place to go. This place is a small area chain with an extensive menu, snappy southern omelettes, and amazing pancakes. I would highly recommend checking out both spots, though make sure to get there early or you might have to wait for a seat!


And if you’re just looking for a place to relax for a cup of coffee or tea, check out Press on Main. This small coffee spot had fun staff, perfect cold brew coffee, and the most mouth-meltingly wonderful chocolate peanut butter cookies you could ever imagine. Plus, it’s super well-lit with plenty of outlets if you’re trying to get some work done 🙂


Can’t forget the entertainment either! Although our circumstances didn’t give us much time to experience the area’s nightlife, Live of Fourth is the place to visit for an evening a food, shopping, and music. We stopped by this pedestrian only district for a quick lunch, but would love to see it again someday at night, after the partying really starts.

For any of you travelers out there, check it out sometime and let me know what you think!


Happy Travels!


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