Comic Book Review: Wild Card by Jim Butcher

1dresdenYou know your husband really loves you when he buys you the newest Dresden Files graphic novel for your anniversary. Especially when it’s signed by Jim Butcher!

To say the least, I’ve been on a bit of a Harry Dresden kick lately and decided to dig into this new story right away. I’ve never done a review for a graphic novel, but figured why not?

The Blurb

Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files saga continues in this original and in-continuity graphic novel, featuring a never-before-told story set after the bestselling novel White Night and graphic novel Down Town! A bizarre double murder draws the interest of Chicago’s only wizard-for-hire. But as Harry Dresden begins his investigation, the clues lead to troubling conclusions about the possible perpetrator, and set him on a path that will place him in the middle of a conflict between the city’s three most powerful factions — a conflict that could engulf all of Chicago!

My Thoughts?

Overall I really enjoyed this newest installment to The Dresden Files graphic novels. Written by Jim Butcher, the novel has a whole lot of his trademark humor and keeps readers hooked with its fast-paced plot. Harry finds himself in the middle of a whole lot of trouble when people begin showing up dead and start pointing fingers, leading to a stand-off between Chicago’s crime lords, the vampire white court, and the Chicago police department. The ending was a bit anti-climactic, but rang true for the typical quirky humor I’ve come to expect from Harry Dresden. Featuring Murphy, Molly, Butters, Thomas, and of course our favorite wizard, this novel was the perfect story to help tide me over until the next Dresden book is released… about a million years from now.

1tndresdenwildcard03covagomezBeyond the writing, the artwork was phenomenal. Illustrated by Carlos Gomez and Sean Izaakse, the characters are wonderfully rendered, true to the reader’s imagination. The color job by Mohan is also quite noteworthy, especially his awesome work on Molly’s signature technicolor hair. Though, as a warning, this book does get pretty violent and the artists spare no details when it comes to highlighting the blood and gore….

Overall I would highly recommend Wild Card, and all of The Dresden Files graphic novels, for any readers out there looking for a fun magical story and amazing artwork.  I give this graphic novel Four out of Five stars and am looking forward to the next installment!

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