Chicago Food


One of my favorite things about visiting new cities is trying all the food. Granted, Chicago is one of our regular haunts, but we can still always find places and new dishes to surprise us.


First, a shout out to my absolute favorite restaurant in the Chicagoland area- Wildberry! This place has the most amazing pancakes and waffles you could imagine. They also have an adorable coffee bar area with an impressive list of specialty drinks. This visit, my husband had the cinnamon roll french toast and I tried the bacon bourbon pancakes… Oh my gosh… Amazing!


Another old favorite we had to re-visit was the D4 Pub. This place doesn’t look like much from the outside, but inside it’s a classy Irish pub (kind of an oxymoron) with a cozy library area in the back. We love visiting for drinks and appetizers.  It was packed both times we stopped by during our mini-vacation, so obviously a favorite of the locals as well!


We managed to discover a new gem on our trip in December, a Japanese barbecue called Gyu Kaku. I was a little unsure of this place at first since it’s “grill your own”, but the staff was wonderful, walking us through the menu and giving specific instructions on how to cook each dish. They also had pre-prepared items like sushi and noodle bowls to try, so we had a whole smorgasbord. Despite my misgivings, it was a blast 🙂


And can’t forget coffee and doughnuts! We checked out a handful of coffee shops on our visit (and took a little time to work on my book!), but two of my favorites were Intelligentsia Coffee Bar and Stan’s Donuts 🙂


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