Book Review: Chosen by Benedict Jacka

18394810I am flying through the Alex Verus series by Benedict Jacka and still loving it. Slightly slower paced than the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, but very similar concept with an English flare.

The Exerpt

I don’t publicly advertise that I’m a mage, but I don’t exactly hide it either, and one of the odd things I’ve learnt over the years is just how much you can get away with if you’re blatant enough. Hide something behind smoke and mirrors and make people work to find it, and they’ll tear the place down looking for what’s there.

Alex Verus is a diviner who can see probable futures—a talent that’s gotten him out of many a tough scrape. But this time, he may be in over his head. Alex was once apprenticed to a Dark mage, and in his service he did a lot of things he isn’t proud of.

As rumors swirl that his old master is coming back, Alex comes face to face with his misdeeds in the form of a young adept whose only goal is to get revenge. Alex has changed his life for the better, but he’s afraid of what his friends—including his apprentice, Luna—will think of his past. But if they’re going to put themselves at risk, they need to know exactly what kind of man they’re fighting for…

My Thoughts?

Another great book by Benedict Jacka, but even darker than his previous novels. Yikes! This novel was vicious, so reader beware. Be ready for bloody sword fights, harsh language, incinerated flesh, and a thirst for vengeance.

Alex Verus has had run-ins with dark magic in the past, but in the ten years since escaping his dark mentor, Richard, he’s moved past his brush with evil and has recreated a life for himself with friends and purpose. Or so he thought. Some people just won’t let the past go, especially after the brutal death of a family member, and now one angry adept is hunting Alex looking for revenge.

With creepy creatures, a list of new characters with intriguing abilities, and plenty of heart pounding battles, Jacka keeps readers on edge right up until the end. As mentioned above, this book explores at the darker side of the mage world and the blacker side of humanity. Alex’s story is troubling, leaving me wondering what I would have done if faced with some of the same harsh scenarios.

Overall, I give Chosen 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend the Alex Verus series to anyone searching for an intriguing urban fiction novel featuring the darker side of magic.


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