Chicago Cultural Center

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that, for all the times I’ve been to Chicago , I had never been to the Chicago Cultural Center. Completed in 1897, the building was originally constructed as Chicago’s central public library. This connection to literature is apparent the moment visitors enter. Murals depicting the names of famous authors and quotes of literary works decorate the walls of the grand entrance staircase. A beautiful collaboration of artwork and the written word!

Although the space is no longer utilized as a library, it is still used for cultured events including theater, art exhibitions, and free music. There are several galleries open to the public throughout the center. One of my favorite art installments was a collection of staircases to nowhere, straight out of an M.C. Escher sketch.


The building itself is a work of art. The Cultural Center houses the world’s largest Tiffany dome, a masterpiece of colored glass and metal. The main galleries are constructed with beautiful patterned hardwoods, colored stone, and skillfully crafted brass. These photos are some of my favorite highlights.

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4 thoughts on “Chicago Cultural Center

  1. It is beautiful but only gets certain types of traffic so the masses are not always exposed to this place. The visitor’s center was moved over to Macy’s which stinks-it was a good gathering point for visitors. Did you know it is linked to the City’s underground Pedway? If not, take the Randolph St. Elevator to the lower level. You can go all the way to City Hall during the week.

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