Short Story: The Reluctant Necromancer (Part 1)

This idea popped into my head while my husband and I were listening to a writing panel at C2E2. I would love feedback and ideas from readers out there, ideas for characters, situations, whatever. Let’s build a story together!

The Reluctant Necromancer (Part 1)

Customer complaints are an annoying fact of life. And something just about everyone in the workforce has to deal with at one point or another. Pretty normal, right?

Except, my cranky customer happened to be dead.

“Stuff it, Frank. Your wife wanted some color in your face. If you’re not rosy cheeked in that casket tomorrow, she’ll pitch a fit.” I gave the makeup brush an extra flick, thwacking the cadaver on the nose with a bit more force than necessary. “And we don’t want that now, do we?”

My victim, or customer, whatever you want to call him, stared up at the ceiling with bland, milky eyes. Frank was a middle-aged, bald, white man who loved fried food, beer, and sports. Well, at least until he suffered major cardiac arrest in the middle of the Packers versus Cowboys game, dumping his tray of super nachos into his grandson’s lap and traumatizing the poor tyke in the process. Now Frank didn’t like much of anything.

“Fine, or don’t talk to me,” I huffed, stepping around my tray of paints and powders. “Three years of professional training and not even a dead man can take me seriously.”

Behind me, a whispering voice rasped, “How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you paint corpses for a living?” There was a wheezing inhalation followed by a dry laugh, more like rustling leaves than a human voice. “Now I looking like a fricken clown.

What do you want this story to become?

Mystery, romance, horror, or something else?

Let me know your thoughts and stay tuned for Part 2!



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