DIY: Harry Potter Baby Shower

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a fan of Harry Potter and the topic shows up in my DIY list quite a bit. A friend of mine was pregnant and a huge fan, so she thought it would be loads of fun to throw a Harry Potter themed baby shower 🙂

Everything I’ll include here is skewed for a baby shower, but most of these ideas could be used for any Harry Potter themed party, so have fun with it!

First Things First: Invitations


Invite people to your baby shower with their very own Hogwarts letter!

If you google “Hogwarts Invitation”, you can find plenty of examples as inspiration so I won’t include that part here.

I would recommend finding some older looking parchment and envelopes at a craft store to complete the look. And don’t forget to pick up a stamp and sealing wax for that final magical touch.

WARNING! Be carefully when using sealing wax. It’s obviously hot and can light on fire (as we discovered from experience…)

Gift Wrapping

Some baby gifts might be a bit large for the average owl to transport, but you can still wrap packages to make even the grumpiest of post wizards proud. Use simple brown parchment paper, twine, and feathers for embellishments. Don’t forget to add your own stamps and special directions for deliveries (Sharpie works best).

The Decorations!


There are so many amazing decorations ideas for a Harry Potter themed party! Any room can be turned into your own piece of Hogwarts with a little time and imagination, but if you can find an old brick dungeon or castle, that always helps too

Hogwarts House Banners

For the banners, you’ll need several lengths of fabric (about 1/2 yard each) in the colors of your house. I pinned and hemmed the edges, but you could just cut them out as well.  In order to hang the banners, I fold the top two inches of fabric over and sewed a channel (you could use hot glue too), then fed a dowel through.

I free-handed the graphics on each banner using Oil Marker Pens, but you could probably trace an image on if you’re not as artistically inclined. Either way, draw out the design first with colored pencils, then go over it with the Oil Marker Pens. Sharpies and fabric paints would work well also.

Hanging Feathers/ Keys

Hogwarts is a magical place, so don’t forget to add your own bit of Charms Class. Collect old skeleton keys, feathers, or other items and attach them to the ceiling using invisible fishing line for extra fun.

Note! If you chose to use feathers, try to find larger ones. The small ones are a pain to work with and fall very easily, making it look like its snowing all day…

Muggle to Mommy

This classy sign was created using plain poster board and Sharpies along with a bit of glitter pen.


Harry Potter Alphabet

Another fun project that fit perfectly with the baby shower theme was our Harry Potter Alphabet Wall. Think up a list of your favorite characters, spells, scenes, whatever from the book and show off your Hogwarts knowledge to earn some house points 🙂


Great Hall Cuisine

Don’t forget to show your guests exactly where all the food is! To make aged looking signs, grab some brown or yellow paint. Using plenty of water, give the paper a light paint wash for that old parchment look. You can also cut small triangles into the edges to make them look tattered.


Give the paper plenty of time to dry, then paint on your words using dark acrylic paint or Sharpie (if you want smaller signs).

Table Decor

Decorations go well beyond the walls and signage. Don’t forget to make you table space extra pretty with house themed tables. And you don’t have to stop at colored napkins. Colored plates, place mats, cups, and other items can be purchase cheaply at most party stores. We added mason jars with handles to keep the butter beer flowing!


Party Favors

Party favors can also add to your table decor. We threw together a few “House Elf Socks” filled with small cleaning supplies, “Defense Against the Dark Arts Kits” with candles and holders, and “Broomsticks” with fun self-care supplies.

Potions (and Baby Bottles)

For a super cute table centerpiece, find a collection of interesting shaped bottles at your local thrift store. Then throw in a few baby bottles for good measure and fill them all with special potions (water and food coloring) for and extra pop of color on your tables.


Wands and Capes

Don’t forget to leave a few props out for your favorite witchy and wizarding guests. We put out some extra cloaks (regular black ones and invisibility cloaks) for people to dress up.

Wands can be made using simple wooden dowels. Use hot glue, paint, or beads for embellishments to make easy wands that would make any Hogwarts student proud.

And the Most Important Part: Food!

There are so many amazing wizarding recipes out there, so enjoy! Our party had dishes like Triwizard Truffle (Strawberry/Banana Truffle), Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean (Jelly Bellies), Olivander’s Wands (chocolate covered pretzels), and cupcakes from Platform 9 3/4.

That’s all for now. If you have any great ideas to add to these, throw them in the comments below 🙂

Happy Planning!



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