I had so many goals for this year- reading more (I’ve been eating books), visiting more art galleries (yep), and being more physically fit (still training for my half-marathon in June!). The one thing that I just can’t manage is sticking to any sort of writing schedule.

Query Kombat submissions were due by May 19th, and despite work, surgery, and traveling, I was on track to finish my latest round of edits on my WIP with plenty of time to spare. Only 4 more pages to hash out and then I could submit my novel and begin querying. Then maybe pull out another project I’ve been itching to work on.

But then this happened…


And now my deadlines have flown out the window, but it’s entirely okay because I get to look at this adorable face every day.


Meet Ink. He’s a four-month-old black lab mix that got shuttled north from an overcrowded shelter in Mississippi. We discovered him at our local humane society and fell in love. He likes playing fetch, enjoys running with us on the leash,  loves cuddling, and seems to get the hiccups an awful lot.

So in case I start slacking on posts in the near future– blame him 🙂


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