The Asylum at Traverse City

My husband and I took a recent trip to Traverse City. If you regularly follow my posts, you’ve probably seen posts about the beautiful lake shore, cool street art, and the quaint downtown area.

But there’s a darker side to Traverse City as well. The Asylum.

This psychiatric hospital has been known by many names: The Northern Michigan Asylum, the Traverse City Psychiatric Hospital, and now the Village at Grand Traverse Commons. This amazing site is home to one of the largest historical renovation projects in North America, aimed at conserving 130 years of local stories and sometimes gruesome medical history.

Want to learn more about this crazy, creepy, old hospital? Check out their website here or go visit for a tour. We didn’t get a chance to take the tour since we were short of time, but we were able to wander the grounds a bit and get some photos.

The interior has been renovated into beautiful space for shops, apartments, restaurants, and other meeting spaces. They even had a book shop!


If you get a chance to visit, make sure to stop by Left Foot Charley’s for some amazingly refreshing hard cider 🙂





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