Friendsmas Book Haul 2017 (& a surprise gift!)

We have a pretty awesome group of friends in our area that loves to get together to play games, share good food, and pretty much just chill. One thing we love about this amazing group of people is that they’re all geeky and quirky. Like us 🙂

Last year, we got together for a Christmas book exchange and it’s becoming a yearly tradition we’ve deemed “Friendsmas”. Essentially we all get together, have a holiday potluck, then exchange books at the end of the evening.

The book can be anything. A well-loved book you’ve read a million times, something you’ve seen amazing reviews for and want to read yourself, or maybe your favorite novel you’ve picked up this year (In case you’re wondering, the book I brought was Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood).

We draw numbers, then go in order choosing to pick a wrapped book from the pile or you can steal a book that’s already been unwrapped. We read the first sentence and then the person who brought it has to tell everyone why they chose the book. This year we saw a little bit of everything–food inspired books, several dystopian novels, a book on behavioral economics, high fantasy, and more!

It was great fun and just a bit chaotic 🙂

As an added bonus, the morning of Friendmas, I had to work and happened to get a bit of a surprise. One of my co-workers writes short stories in his spare time and is also the assistant editor for The Horror Zine, an online horror magazine. One of his short stories had been published in an anthology, so he gave me a copy. A pretty awesome start to my work day!

So, for your viewing pleasure–my Friendsmas Day book haul!


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