Flash Fiction: The Domes

The glass sparkled with morning sunlight, setting the new world on fire with sparks of ruby and vermilion. Outside, the sky brightened to a hazy blue. A shade like freedom and happiness. My fingers itched to release the hatch and step beyond this pretty cage, escaping into the swaying fields beyond. The golden stalks of … Continue reading Flash Fiction: The Domes

Flash Fiction: Ink

Ink. Dance across the carpet on happy black paws. New toys to chew! I crunch and play with this new discovery, creating artwork. Beautiful splotched pictures to show Mom and Dad. My name is Ink--and I like to eat pens. Only a little ironic that our puppy, Ink, decided to redecorate our bedroom carpet a … Continue reading Flash Fiction: Ink

Short Story: The Reluctant Necromancer (Part 1)

This idea popped into my head while my husband and I were listening to a writing panel at C2E2. I would love feedback and ideas from readers out there, ideas for characters, situations, whatever. Let's build a story together! The Reluctant Necromancer (Part 1) Customer complaints are an annoying fact of life--and something just about … Continue reading Short Story: The Reluctant Necromancer (Part 1)