As you may have already concluded, I am an aspiring novelist in addition to my daytime career and other hobbies. I’ve only recently begun sharing my writing with others and hope to someday publish a full-length novel (preferably sooner than later).

animal control2
Animal Control- 2005 by yours truly

Most of my formal training and experience is in technical writing–editing university grant requests, reviewing research articles, creating policy and procedural documents, blog articles for work or school, etc… So, I tend to veer in the exact opposite direction when writing for fun. My writing interests vary widely but tend to remain strictly within the realm of fiction.

My current project is a space opera retelling of Beauty and the Beast along with a sequel and prequel novel set in the same universe. I’ve also written a series of urban fantasy novels following the life of a young college professor who moonlights as a cryptozoologist. For the future, there’s a post-apocalyptic short story I plan to expand to a full length novel (or graphic novel), a portal fantasy featuring various monsters, secret identity shenanigans in a modern day fantasy kingdom, and ideas for a cybernetic science fiction piece.

Check back here for regular writing updates and the occasional story excerpt or flash fiction piece. I am always looking for beta readers, so if you are interested in reading and reviewing works-in-progress, let me know!

Short Fiction by Morgan Bernard

Updated February 14, 2021


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